Well, for start, thank you for your visit. I probably look grumpy on that picture, but trust me, it was just a very sunny day. 🙂

I hope that you came here because you know that your event needs something really special. Or maybe you want a highly personalized experience that will leave you with countless memories in form of a film that you will be able to re-live together with your family. Either way, you want it to be different, meaningful, and truthful. And as much as I love film making, I love true stories. Over the past 5 years working in the field of cinematography I learned that when you combine those two, something truly magical happens.

To me, wedding or engagement are not just an events, it’s a great beginning of something new and incredible. I strongly believe in the value of this day in your life and I really want it to show through my work. In order to capture your wedding the best and the most moving way possible, I pay attention to every detail, and to every second of your favorite moment. With special techniques for excellent cinematic looks, I strive to offer only the highest level of creative and personalized service, delivering the real aesthetics of your special event.

Telling individually meaningful stories is my greatest passion, and my ultimate goal will always remain the same: show your story from start to finish in a creative and artistic manner done in good taste. In other words, I’ll make your day count.

On a personal note, I love my family, friends, traveling, longboarding, cuban coffee, and practicing photography as a side business/hobby. Trying my best to share the world through my cameras. Sometimes grumpy, often silly, always adventurous. And since film making is my passion, I still work on many other creative projects including music videos, short films, and even high-end commercials. We call our production company Cool Coconut Studios. Founded by my friend and myself in 2013, now it unites one of most talented media creators, traveling worldwide and capturing world through their cameras. Over time I started filming more and more wedding and engagement stories and eventually decided to create a separate gallery which is what you see, Starkin Films.  Today, we continue to work on brand-new ideas with great passion, bringing amazing and truly unique projects to life.

If you have any questions about equipment that I use, bringing extra cameramen or even about recording the whole ceremony from start to finish, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly. I am also traveling a lot, so don’t be afraid to reach out wherever you are. If you learn more about my travels and adventures, feel free to check out my instagram page. And if we can’t meet up, we can always get to know each other over the phone or online! 🙂

Thank you!

-Dmitry Starkin